This is Servus.
For Mac & Dropbox.

It can turn any file on your computer into a branded download page hosted on Dropbox.

Add some personal touch
to the files you share with your customers.

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What it is

It's a menubar icon. Drop a file onto it, and the file will be embedded in a nice preview page, then both are uploaded to your Dropbox. Once done, the link is copied to your clipboard.

Servus comes with a clean built-in preview page theme (click for an example) but you can create your own custom themes, too.

Why it exists

I created Servus because I'm a freelancer. Quite often I need to send files to my clients. I feel that embedding those files in a preview page of my own brand makes for a more professional appearance.

Who it is for

Freelancers, agencies, anyone working with clients & customers online, PR people, artists, musicians, street-smart hustlers tryin' to impress their homies with some of dat sweet online bling.

Anyone with a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or higher on 64 bit (i.e., any Mac built since 2007), and a free or paid Dropbox account.

Why hello there

Do you have questions, suggestions, anything else? Send me an email or look me up on Twitter (@servusio) or on Google+. I don't bite, so don't be shy. :)

And if you want to stay informed about what's going on with Servus, check out the Servus blog or subscribe to the Servus Updates newsletter. No spam, no "exciting news from our partners" marketing bullshit — I promise.

Servus for Mac Servus icon A Dropbox-powered sharing app for Mac. It's a menubar icon. Drop a file on it, and it'll build a preview page for it (custom themes!), upload it to your Dropbox, and copy the link for you.

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